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CGs Pet Thought of the Hour

S&Ms Holiday Newsletter and Quarterly Reports

Another year of adventures in Message Boarding!
S&M has had a year of very real change and certainly more than a few adventures.
We recently joined DARK NATIONS, which acts like a United Nations for the Vampire Community.
We're proud to have been invited to be represented there.
As part of DNs format member groups are invited to post quarterly reports and since we were doing it up for THEM, we thought we'd pass those reports on to YOU our beloved members as part of our Holiday Newsletter.

So here is the news from the S&M Network sites and boards from the last quarter. All the news is broken down into parts, representing the various sections of our Network. I hope you'll all drop by S&M Support on Yuku and drop us some feedback on our reports and let us know if it was of interest or if we're just taking up your mailbox space, and what you'd LIKE to see in our Newsletters in the future.

Happy Holidays to every one of you.
Blessed New Years.
Enjoy the Reports!

Smoke Mirrors quarterly report part 1 Smoke and Mirrors Support

After a summer of uncertainty S&M Support is back running as it should be!
New members, new discussions, every kind of news from and about the community has been posted of late, with our post counts climbing DAILY after reaching an all time LOW of 0 posts / Day over the summer just before the transition back from intrim ownership.
If you're looking for Vampire/ Therian/Otherkin Support, Fellowship, Vampire Community News or just a little fun, S&M is once again the support board to drop by.

We've brought back a lower key version of our old BOS forums, that we had on ezboard before the move to YUKU.
We are looking for Moderators for several forums
We are looking for IRC Moderators for our brand new channel - Server: DALNET Channel: #smokeandmirrors
Thank you to all the staff and regular members who make S&M Support possible. Its been a rough year, but we're looking forward as the New Year approaches. If you have some time on your hands and would like to help out we are expecting a rather heavy influx with the new Underworld coming out, on top of Twilight, and could definately use the assistance!

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Quarterly Report Part 2 S&M DARK

Smoke and Mirrors DARK is our "Inner Circle" / private membership board
Entrance to S&M Dark is by registration and approval by our Admin team.
No Support is offered on S&M DARK. This board is for fellowship, research, and community discussions.
We do NOT accept Newbies, Roll Players or Lifestylers.
(Otherkin, Donors, Therians welcome, but be aware this is a Vampire Community Board)

We have SO much news from this board!
*Hacked 3 times this fall, we've upgraded to php3 and increased our security.
*We've uploaded several new skins and given our members the ability to change to their favourite skin as default.
*We did away with Moderators for the most part since we've actually needed posts moderated only TWICE since the board opened in '06.
So don't come by to work in the forums anymore. Come by to post and hang out instead!
*We've added a whole section for those who wish to keep up with events and news on Second Life at the Vampire Library and the SL
Real Vamp Communities.
*DARK IS accepting new members who fit with our DARK Member criteria. Please contact Lady CG or an Admin for more info.

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Quarterly Report Part 3: Vampire Research Space (formerly VRC - Vampire Research Council)

This board has only been recently reopened as research space for members of the community who want / need a space to keep their reseach material and projects.
Created for those of us who do Vampire Research, this is a place to store your info, stats and other research related notes, including articles and statistics you might require, as well as a place where you can exchange note and info with others who are also doing research in various areas of the community.
If you need space, please apply and drop Lady CG a note at [email protected] with your desire to take part (this is so you don't sit there waiting endlessly for approval). We'll get you set up quickly so you have the space and folders you need.

Current Projects stored on VRS:

Body Temperature Study
Ongoing study about vampires and body tempeture.

Vampyric Origin Research
Please post any and all info regarding Vampyric Origins HERE.

Vitimins and Vampires
Information on vitimains. How symptoms can be managed with vitamins and their effects.

Blood Use for Sangs - blood storage
Research into ways to allow Blood drinkers to prolong storage of blood, without losing the beneficial properties

Blood Substitutes for Sangs and other blood drinkers
Research into healthier ways to prolong the amount of time and number of ways Blood feeders can do without Blood while maintaining health.

Blood Content and info
articles on blood content, chemical analysis, other blood related articles and collected research

Symbiots (4 sub-boards)
Articles, links and ongoing discussion of the symbiot theory.

V5 (3 sub-boards)
Articles and ongoing discussion of V5.

Total Topics: 81 - Total Posts: 152
Total Members: 30

Quarterly Report part 4: Smoke_and_Mirrors_Library Egroup ยท Smoke and Mirrors ... s_Library/

This is the egroup for the Smoke and Mirrors Message Board: ... om/phpBB3/
Smoke and Mirrors Library Archive Website:
Smoke and Mirrors Vampire Articles RSS Feed

I'm sure most of our members here have heard about the revamp of S&M assets.. the boards, the website and i'm happy to say we have no forgotten about our little egroup!
In the past the purpose of the egroup has been a place to collect files we could not post on the boards and a place for general chit chat.
We will now be using this egroup as a place were friends and members can submit thier articles and stories and other writings for use on our Community wide public RSS feed and for use in the bookcases at the Vampiric Library on Second Life, where we collect REAL Vampires articles and info for the use of Real Vampires who live in Second Life.
We'll also still be using this egroup to discuss new articles and offerings.

Founded: Nov 22, 2004
Members: 75

Quarterly Report Part 5: The Vampiric Library Project in Second Life

NOW LOCATED AT: Lunitarium (219, 64, 21)
or for those in world: Copy
and paste it into SL's open chat, then bring up your chat history, and double-click the highlighted link, and it should teleport you there.

WOW what a difference a year makes!
In the past year we've lived in 3 different Sims, and made numerous changes but its all been worth it!
With more than 50 members the library is growing at an insane rate!
The new building is incredible, and i'll be updating our website over the holidays to show the new building, as well as our adorable new mascot, Solitaire the Siberian Tiger Cub.

CG has been filling bookcases like Crazy.
Each bookcase holds up to 36 articles / chapters.
Bookcases currently in use:

Michelle Belanger: Vampire Rituals
Acrophobic Pixie: Donor Articles
Sarasvati: Echos of Night
LadyCG: Practical Vampirism for Modern Vampires
LadyCG: Articles for Practical Vampirism 2
Deacon Gray: Articles by Deacon
SphynxcatVP: Articles by Sphynxcat
Vampire Definitions: by Various Authors

Beginners Book of Shadows
Beginners Book of Shadows 2
Advanced Book of Shadows
More being filled every day.

Global Teleport Station
we have a new Global teleporter kept up to date with links to others in the Real Vamp Community in Second Life
Anyone can use it and you do not need to be a Library member to use this apparatus to teleport to places such as
Vampiric Library Hostel and Store
Sanguinarius's Community Center
Khans Sanguine Dreams Club
and many other Real Vamp destinations.

Holiday Events being held around the library:

We are currently holding weekly chats as well as coffee chats and other services.
We hope to see you in world!

That concludes our Quarterly reports and Newsletter.
Blessing to all of you, from all of US
The Staff and Administrative Team
Smoke and Mirrors Support Network.

This was a community message from Lady CG on Smoke and Mirrors.

My Bio

I am a 40+ year old Sanguine Vampyre (25+ years)
I own the teaching board SMOKE AND MIRRORS at:
I can ALSO be found at the yahoo egroup Vampiric, where I moderate for New Moon Occult Shop. And NOW, at S&Ms Yahoo egroup, Smoke and Mirrors Library... Oh ya... then there is the new S&M website...

I also have a GREAT profile on SANGSPACE!
Drop by and see my lovely LOL CATS.

If you're looking for me on MYSPACE... I DO have a profile, but you should know: I hardly EVER go there.

My Hobbies

I have TIME for hobbies? I guess if I have one Smoke and Mirrors is likely "it"
....though its more like a high maintenance white elephant, loved, not wisely, but too well....